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20+ Years of Providing Private Services

Great Deal: Up to 7 Passengers for Rates below

Standard Rates:​

  • $70 Sampler for 30 Minutes (Just $1o per/person with 7 People)*

  • $125 Per Hour  (Under $18 per/person with 7 People)

  • $400 for Half-Day (4 Hours)           

  • $750 for Full-Day (8 Hours)     

Special Rates:​

  • $99 for Laguna Coast Tour (see Specials Page)

  • $99 for Santiago Canyon Tour (see Specials Page)

  • Custom Agreement: Creative?  Ok, Lets Discuss


  • $75 One-time charge in addition to rates above for LA, San Diego, and Riverside Counties

  • $70 Sampler offered from San Clemente to Irvine

  • Going Further or Have a Multi-Day Event?  OK - Lets discuss travel & driver expenses

“We are not tour-people but we did both coastal & canyon - great experience & time efficient.  Still had a full day to play at the beach!”

“Ok, the sunset coastal tour was the best!   Some kinda magic with vintage rig, music, and the coast highway."

“Hey, our private tour and nature walk up Ortega made our trip!  Thanks for being so accomodating.”

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